CreatePortOverlapped Method

Creates virtual serial port with non-standard name over existing COM port.


Visual Basic .NET
Sub CreatePortOverlapped(ByVal PortName As String, ByVal Alias As String) 
Visual C#
void CreatePortOverlapped(String PortName, String Alias);



[in] The name of virtual serial port (e.g. "COM1", "VSP25", "SERPORT10" etc). Names "COM0", "COM4294967295" and "LPTx" are prohibited.


[in] Alias name for existing COM port. You still will be able to open existing COM port using this alias name. The string is an MS-DOS path (e.g. PORT1, COM100).


TRUE - the port has been created successfully, FALSE otherwise.


The method may throw exception. Use GetLastError method to get the error code.

ftvspcErrorFailed 1 The operation has not been completed.
ftvspcErrorInvalidParameter 2 Invalid parameter.
ftvspcErrorPortAlreadyExists 100 This port already exists.
ftvspcErrorNoSuchPort 101 Physical port does not exists.


Overlapped port will be created only if physical port with specified name exists. Otherwise, ftvspcErrorNoSuchPort error will be returned.