FtVspcGetPermanent Function

Retrieves value of Permanent flag for virtual serial port with non-standard name.

BOOL FtVspcGetPermanent(
	LPCTSTR lpszPortName,
	BOOL* lpbPermanent 



[in] The name of virtual serial port.


[out] A pointer to the variable where the Permanent flag of virtual serial port is returned.

Return Value

If the function succeeds, the return value is TRUE. Otherwise, use FtVspcGetLastError to get the error code (FtVspc_ErrorCode).


ftvspcErrorFailed 1 The operation has not been completed.
ftvspcErrorInvalidParameter 2 Invalid parameter.
ftvspcErrorNoSuchPort 101 There is no such port.
ftvspcErrorMarkedForDeletion 202 This port is marked for deletion.


If Permanent flag is set, virtual serial port will be created automatically at each system startup.

See Also

FtVspcGetPermanent, FtVspcSetPermanentByNum