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Latest News

21 June 2022

Printer for Remote Desktop has been updated to version 1.5.

Now a custom paper size can be set. New fixed paper size and support for duplex printing have been added. Printing speed has been improved. A lot of minor bugs have been fixed as well.

16 May 2022

Scanner for Remote Desktop 3.0 has been released for Windows and Linux.

In Windows version, calibration support has been added for SANE backend. Issues with image dimensions, preview as well as some scanner and datasource-specific bugs have been fixed.

Release for Linux brings support for hardware bufferization in Fujitsu scanners. Support for eSCL scanners has been improved as well. And a lot of minor issues with paper dimensions, centering and detection on some backends have been fixed.

10 February 2022

Version 4.0 Beta of Sound for Remote Desktop is now publicly available for testing!

This product was completely rewritten from scratch which brings a lot of new possibilities. All major remote desktop protocols are now supported and absolutely all sound recording or playback software running in remote RDP, ICA or PCoIP session can interact with local audio devices. Operation in low-bandwidth networks was greatly improved as well.

28 January 2022

Linux version of USB for Remote Desktop has been updated to version 6.0.35. Performance of audio and video devices has been optimized. It is now possible to redirect individual interfaces of a USB device, and not just the entire device.

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