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Latest News

31 August 2018

Scanner for Remote Desktop (linux version) 1.9.9 has been released. Duplex scanning, multipage scanning and network scanners are now supported. Data transferring speed has been improved. Fixed issue with scanners that were hot-plugged when the daemon is running.

30 August 2018

FtPlugins (modules for connecting FabulaTech products to remote desktop clients) have been updated for all our linux products. Several compatibility improvements have been made. Also, USB for Remote Desktop (linux version) now available for ARM64.

8 May 2018

New linux versions of USB over Network and USB for Remote Desktop have been released. Support for Ubuntu 18.04 has been added in both products. Support for some specific devices has been improved as well.

30 March 2018

Serial Port Redirector 2.8.4 has been released. The following issues have been fixed: displaying port friendly name in Device Manager, ports list refreshing in GUI, working with unplugged/replugged physical server ports and SDK setup issue.

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