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Latest News

31 March 2021

Printer for Remote Desktop has been updated to version 1.4.11. Command line interface has been added to the Server side. Issue with monochrome image printing has been fixed. Minor bugs in program and installer have been fixed as well.

17 March 2021

USB for Remote Desktop 6.0.7 has been released. Printer isolation within user sessions has been improved. Bug with PCoiP connection has been fixed.

13 January 2021

Scanner for Remote Desktop has been updated to version 2.7 for Windows and Linux. Stability and speed of SANE scanner redirection has been improved. Fixes for nested sessions and multiple sessions have been made in Windows version. In Linux version support for AirScan (eSCL) and WSD document scanners has been added and several scanner-specific issues have been fixed.

13 January 2021

Webcam for Remote Desktop 2.8.40 has been released. Stability has been improved.

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