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10 December 2019

FtPlugins (modules for connecting FabulaTech linux products to remote desktop clients) have been updated for all our linux products. Compatibility with Citrix Receiver has been improved a lot and data transmission latency has been reduced greatly.

6 December 2019

Serial Port Redirector 2.9 has been released. Windows Server 2016 compatibility has been added. Minor bugs have been fixed.

5 December 2019

Printer for Remote Desktop 1.4.6 has been released. Compatibility with latest Windows versions and FabulaTech License Server has been improved. Minor issues have been fixed.

22 November 2019

Meet another major update: USB for Remote Desktop 6.0.

Workstation-side GUI has been added to simplify configuration and control in seamless mode. New FabulaTech Virtual USB Host Controller driver brings full support for USB 3.0 and great performance improvement. Easy understandable symlinks for devices are supported now. Device reconnects to the same virtual USB port, even after restart. Device options dialog has been added for troubleshooting of problematic devices. Performance and quality tweaks have been added for HID devices. And a lot of bugs have been fixed in this release.

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