Version: 6.1.4

w Legacy versions of USB for Remote Desktop are no longer supported. We highly recommend you to upgrade to the current version.

Version Date Details
6.1.3 09/05/2023
- Support for Amazon NICE DCV protocol. - Minor improvements and bugfixes.
6.1 09/11/2022
- Data caching for audio devices has been tuned for smooth playback via poor network connection. - Improvements in session isolation of webcams and printers, speed of mass storage devices and compatibility with android devices have been made. - Minor bugs have been fixed
6.0.8 16/12/2021
- Minor bugs have been fixed.
6.0.7 17/03/2021
- Printer isolation within user sessions has been improved. - Bug with PCoiP connection has been fixed.
6.0.6 09/11/2020
- Added support for smart card redirection on Windows 10, Server 2016 and later. - Each redirected smart card gets isolated within individual user session. - Compatibility with Windows Virtual Desktop client has been improved. - Fixed several minor bugs.
6.0.3 01/07/2020
- Minor bug has been fixed.
6.0.2 19/06/2020
- Critical vulnerability CVE-2020-9332 has been fixed. We recommend all our customers to update USB for Remote Desktop to the latest version.
5.2.3 06/02/2018
- A lot of minor bugs fixed. 28/03/2017
- Occasional service crash has been fixed.
5.2.1 27/03/2017
- Support for the latest versions of VMware Horizon Client has been added.
5.2 05/12/2016
- Tray UI has been revised and furbished up. - Command line interface has been greatly improved, there is a possibility to administrate Device Policies from command line now. - Compatibility with some USB devices has been enhanced. - A lots of small bugs have been fixed in this release as well.
5.1.1 28/03/2016
- Several bugs have been fixed and service stability has been improved.
5.1 30/12/2015
- Support for PCoIP protocol in Amazon WorkSpaces client for Windows, Teradici PCoIP Software Client for Windows, Teradici Pervasive Computing Platform and VMware Horizon Client has been added. - New Administrative Utility allows to pre-configure USB device access rights both for local users and for Active Directory domain users or groups. - Seamless session usability has been improved. - License Server support has been added. - Windows 10 compatibility has been added.
5.0.6 29/04/2015
- Drivers have been improved.
5.0.5 04/11/2014
- Bug causing crash of 32-bit applications on 64-bit operating systems was fixed.
5.0.4 20/10/2014
- Minor bugs fixed.
5.0.3 22/09/2014
- Issues with security dongles and devices with the same serial number was fixed.
5.0 11/10/2013
- The core is fully rewritten. - Windows 8 and USB 3.0 support has been added. - Device connection control has been transferred to the remote side which allows you to get one-click access to local USB devices. - Some other minor improvements have been made.
3.1.5 17/06/2013
- Minor issues fixed.
3.0 18/05/2011
- Port redirection feature implemented. - Issue that led to program freezing when trying to share the same device in two terminal sessions is fixed. - Other minor fixes.
2.9.3 02/12/2010
- SDK fixed.
2.8 13/04/2010
- A lot of bugs fixed. - Stability improved.


Version: 6.1.3

OS: Linux kernel 2.6.32 or greater.

w Legacy versions of USB for Remote Desktop (Linux version) are no longer supported. We highly recommend you to upgrade to the current version.

Version Date Details 10/01/2023
- Compatibility with ACR122U NFC Reader improved. 19/12/2022
- Support for latest Linux distributions such as Ubuntu 22.10, Fedora 38, etc.
6.1 18/08/2022
- Redirection of video and audio devices has been optimized. Some minor issues have been fixed.
6.0.35 28/01/2022
- Performance of audio and video devices has been optimized. - It is now possible to redirect individual interfaces of a USB device, and not just the entire device.
6.0 09/10/2020
- Performance and stability of a high-speed USB 3.0 devices was improved with implementing of a multi-core support on the Workstation side. - Usability of device redirection was improved due to the new format of config file.
5.2.23 20/09/2017
- License issue has been fixed.
5.2.16 04/07/2017
- Graphical user interface and compatibility with latest OpenSSL versions have been added. - Command-line utility has been improved as well.
5.2.3 05/12/2016
- Compatibility with some USB devices has been enhanced. - A lot of small bugs have been fixed in this release as well.
5.1.3 22/06/2016
- Support of FreeRDP 2 has been added to FtPlugins. - Support of MIPS architecture has been added in this release. - Few minor bugs have been fixed.
5.1.1 30/12/2015
- New release for compatibility with windows side. - Few minor bugs have been fixed.
5.0.7 25/11/2015
- README has been fixed and improved. - Few minor bugs have been fixed.
5.0.6 22/09/2014
- Issues with security dongles and devices with the same serial number was fixed.
5.0.4 02/07/2014
- Flash drive plugging issue is fixed.
5.0.3 24/04/2014
fixed: - bug with not using alternative settings on physical side - not sending special MaximumTransfersize from from physical side - README is added in package - correctly treat physical:port argument from command line - Seg Fault when unknown physical side name is specified to the virtual side daemon from command line
5.0.2 17/01/2014
- stability improved.
2.9 29/09/2010
- Device driver is not needed anymore on server side when sharing device manually. - Individual device sharing for identical USB devices (the same Hardware ID) is implemented. - Unicode support. - Citrix support is improved. - udev support is added for Linux version.
2.8 25/05/2010
- Possibility to redirect devices by device number added. - Now identical devices can be redirected separately, not all at once.
2.7 14/12/2009
- Command line interface improved. - Incompatibility issue with USB over Network for Linux fixed. - This version is not compatible with the previous one.
2.6.2 29/09/2009
- It's possible to share/unshare devices on the fly on Linux version.
2.6 21/08/2009
- Control utility added. - Minor bugs fixed.
2.5.1 28/07/2009
- USB for Remote Desktop 2.5.1 for Windows compatibility implemented. - Supported device list expanded.
2.5 12/05/2009
- Data transfer speed for audio and video devices significantly increased. - Webcams support added. - Documentation improved.
2.3 03/03/2009
- Issue with devices number displaying fixed. Protocol changed.
2.2.2 23/02/2009
- Version changed
1.0 28/07/2008
- The first Linux release

Current Version for macOS

Version: 6.1.4

USB over Network (macOS version) is a program which can redirect USB devices from your Mac to other computers with USB over Network Clients installed, or to remote session running USB for Remote Desktop Server.

OS: macOS Big Sur, macOS Monterey, macOS Ventura, macOS Sonoma.

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