Version: 6.0.6

w Legacy versions of USB over Network are no longer supported. We highly recommend you to upgrade to the current version.

Version Date Details
6.0.4 05/01/2021
- A new major feature has been added: Device Tags. It allows to organize large pool of similar devices in groups and enable notification or auto connect when any of these devices becomes available. - Port names and drive letters are now showing on Client side. - Also, a lot of small fixes for device compatibility has been made.
6.0.1 25/12/2019
- Fixed bugs with SSL trusted authority certificate, callback reconnection, connection to License Server and some devices.
6.0 10/09/2019
- Easy understandable symlinks for Clients, Servers and devices. - Autoconnect of all devices on callback connection. - Ability to continue local usage of the device which was shared but not yet connected by Client. - Ability to disconnect a device from Client without unsharing. - The new Bus driver brings full support for USB 3.0 and great performance improvement under the latest Windows OS. - UI was enhanced and polished - Performance and quality tweaks are added for HID devices. - Fine-tuning of interval for broken connection detection is added. - A lot of bugs fixed as well.
5.2.2 22/11/2017
- Compatibility with latest License Server has been added. - Small bugs have been fixed.
5.2 06/01/2017
- New features have been added: the possibility to use SSL in callback connections, devices can be connected by its VID/PID in command-line utility. - Sharing Rule Manager has been improved also: now it is possible to assign nickname to a device and change its serial number. - Overall stability and performance have been improved for high load situations with extremely large number of Servers or Clients or devices. Compatibility with some USB devices has been enhanced as well.
5.1.11 17/09/2015
- Entering license key with non-admin privileges has been fixed. - Callback connection SSL bug has been fixed.
5.1.10 01/09/2015
- Compatibility with Windows 10 was added. - Program crash caused by some USB hubs was fixed. - USB 3.0 speed emulation was fixed.
5.1 21/07/2015
- Windows 8.1 support significantly improved. - Callback connection supported now. - Password protection for the specified device added. - New licensing for Remote Support Operators. - Connect of specified remote USB port. - One-time connect support.
5.0.6 29/04/2015
- Bug causing reconnection failure after the loss of network connection has been fixed. - Drivers have been updated.
5.0.5 20/10/2014
- Support for some Apple devices improved.
5.0.4 15/10/2014
- Issue with SSL settings fixed.
5.0.3 22/09/2014
- Issues with security dongles and devices with the same serial number was fixed.
5.0.2 22/10/2013
- Device representation issues on the Client side fixed.
4.7.7 23/12/2013
- Installation issues fixed.
4.5.3 22/11/2010
- Client API fixed.
4.5.2 12/11/2010
- Several bugs fixed.
4.4 13/04/2010
- A lot of bugs fixed. - Stability improved.
4.0 12/05/2009
- Data transfer speed for audio and video devices significantly increased. - Support of Microsoft webcam added. - Device names displayed correctly now. - Command line utility added on Client side.
3.5 01/10/2008
- From now on it's possible to connect shared USB device even if it's occupied by a remote user (as a result the remote user becomes disconnected). - Issue that led to incorrect server operation when trying to share virtual USB device fixed.


Version: 6.0

OS: Linux kernel 2.6.32 or greater, libssl 1.0 or greater

w Legacy versions of USB over Network (Linux version) are no longer supported. We highly recommend you to upgrade to the current version.

Version Date Details
5.2.29 08/05/2018
- Support for Ubuntu 18.04 has been added. - Support for some specific devices has been improved.
5.2.14 26/06/2017
- GUI added in Server. - Command-line utility improved. - Compatibility with latest OpenSSL versions implemented. - Issue with Site License fixed.
5.2.3 11/01/2017
- Server can now connect to the FabulaTech License Server. - Client can now connect to several Servers. - GUI added in Client.
5.1 21/07/2015
- Server: - SSL PEM files support added. - HID device support improved (especially for Wacom tablets). - More important info added to command line utility. - Network server discovery support. - It's possible to apply new configuration without daemon restart. - Device sharing rules improved. - Callback connection supported now. - Reset device support on the device connect added. - Password protection for the specified device added. - USB 3.0 support improved. - Client: - USB 3.0 support improved. - Support of isochronous data transfer improved (webcams, audio devices). - Now it's possible to connect to password protected servers and devices. - Reconnect after network broken connection added. - New Linux kernel support improved. - More important info added to command line utility. - It's possible to connect the remote device, even if the device is connected by another client. The device gets disconnected from remote client in such case (if allowed). - The max. number of connected USB devices is increased.
5.0.6 22/09/2014
- Issues with security dongles and devices with the same serial number was fixed.
5.0.4 02/07/2014
- Flash drive plugging issue is fixed.
5.0.3 24/04/2014
fixed: - bug with not using alternative settings on physical side - not sending special MaximumTransfersize from from physical side - README is added in package - correctly treat physical:port argument from command line - Seg Fault when unknown physical side name is specified to the virtual side daemon from command line
5.0.2 17/01/2014
- client: fixed device connection by vid:pid issue; - server: SSL connection issue fixed.
4.7.2 29/09/2011
- Sharing of HID devices in postpone sharing mode denied.
4.7 18/08/2011
- Fixed: isochronous transfers on big-endian systems (armeb, mips). - Fixed: better support for string descriptors. - Added: delayed hotplug notification (for slow devices). - Added: open control utility protocol. - Removed: HAL (obsolete). Only udev and usbfs are supported. - Simplified installation procedure (now you can install just from tar.gz archive).
4.5 29/09/2010
- Device driver is not needed anymore on server side when sharing device manually. - Individual device sharing for identical USB devices (the same Hardware ID) is implemented. - Unicode support. - Citrix support is improved. - udev support is added for Linux version.
4.3 01/12/2009
- Initial SSL support added. - Many bugs fixed. - This version is not compatible with the previous one.
4.2 10/09/2009
- Program operation with some specific devices improved. - Web-camera devices support improved.
4.0 12/05/2009
- Data transfer speed for audio and video devices significantly increased. - Webcams support added.
3.7 23/02/2009
- Version changed.
1.0 28/07/2008
- The first Linux release.


Version: 6.1.6

OS: macOS Big Sur, macOS Monterey, macOS Ventura, macOS Sonoma.

w Legacy versions of USB over Network (macOS version) are no longer supported. We highly recommend you to upgrade to the current version.

Version Date Details
6.1.5 25/10/2023
- Support for DaVinci Resolve Micro Panel by BlackMagic Design has been added.
6.1.4 28/09/2023
- Security and stability have been improved.
6.1.3 09/05/2023
- Support for Amazon NICE DCV protocol. - Minor improvements and bugfixes.
6.1.1 07/02/2023
- Minor bugs fixed.
6.1 09/11/2022
- Issue causing some applications to crash has been fixed.
6.0 22/08/2022
- Initial release.

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