image/svg+xml Windows

Version: 6.0.6

w Legacy versions of USB over Network are no longer supported. We highly recommend you to upgrade to the current version.

Version Date Details
6.0.1 25/12/2019
 - Fixed bugs with SSL trusted authority certificate,
 callback reconnection, connection to License Server
 and some devices.
5.2.2 22/11/2017
 - Compatibility with latest License Server has been 
 - Small bugs have been fixed.
5.1.11 17/09/2015
 - Entering license key with non-admin privileges has
 been fixed.
 - Callback connection SSL bug has been fixed.
5.0.6 29/04/2015
 - Bug causing reconnection failure after the loss of
 network connection has been fixed. 
 - Drivers have been updated.
4.7.7 23/12/2013
 - Installation issues fixed.
4.5.3 22/11/2010
 - Client API fixed.

image/svg+xml Linux

Version: 6.0

Requirements: Linux kernel 2.6.18 or greater, libssl 1.0 or greater

w Legacy versions of USB over Network (Linux version) are no longer supported. We highly recommend you to upgrade to the current version.

Version Date Details
5.2.29 08/05/2018
 - Support for Ubuntu 18.04 has been added.
 - Support for some specific devices has been improved.
5.1 21/07/2015
 - Server:
 - SSL PEM files support added.
 - HID device support improved (especially for Wacom tablets).
 - More important info added to command line utility.
 - Network server discovery support.
 - It's possible to apply new configuration without daemon restart.
 - Device sharing rules improved.
 - Callback connection supported now.
 - Reset device support on the device connect added.
 - Password protection for the specified device added.
 - USB 3.0 support improved.
 - Client:
 - USB 3.0 support improved.
 - Support of isochronous data transfer improved (webcams, audio devices).
 - Now it's possible to connect to password protected servers and devices.
 - Reconnect after network broken connection added.
 - New Linux kernel support improved.
 - More important info added to command line utility.
 - It's possible to connect the remote device, even if the device is connected by another client. The device gets disconnected from remote client in such case (if allowed).
 - The max. number of connected USB devices is increased.
5.0.6 22/09/2014
 - Issues with security dongles and devices with the same serial number was fixed.
4.7.2 29/09/2011
 - Sharing of HID devices in postpone sharing mode denied.

image/svg+xml Current Version for macOS

Version: 6.0

Requirements: macOS Monterey, macOS Ventura.

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