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Brief Overview

Virtual Serial Port Kit allows creating a pair of virtual serial ports connected with virtual null-modem cable. The software provides null-modem connection between two serial communications applications. Communications software interacts with each other via virtual COM-ports in the same way as via hardware COM-ports connected with null-modem cables.

All data written to one virtual COM port will be immediately read from another COM port and vice versa.

Look for detailed overview on the product's website.

Main Features

Connect serial applications via virtual serial ports

All the data written to one virtual serial port can be immediately read from the other one, and vice versa.

True virtual serial port driver

Virtual serial ports look and work exactly as real hardware serial ports.

Runs as system service

Just configured, virtual serial ports are available at each system startup automatically, even prior to user logon.

What Customers Say

Virtual Serial Port Kit is now fully integrated in our software stack and we are very happy to have found FabulaTech and their excellent software.

Additional Information

Virtual Serial Port Kit. Create virtual serial ports and connect them via virtual null-modem cables.
OS: Windows,
Price: $129.95
Rating: 4.8 (3 reviews)