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Serial Port Redirector creates virtual serial ports and redirects all serial data to specified TCP-port of remote IP-address. Any serial communications software can use these virtual COM ports, like a typical hardware COM ports to send and receive serial data over a local network or the Internet.

Serial Port Redirector can be used to pass serial data across a local network or over the Internet using the Telnet protocol (with the COM Port Control protocol specified by RFC 2217) and the raw TCP connection protocol as well. The COM Port Control protocol (RFC 2217) is used also for accessing any serial device attached to a serial device server.


"I have some software that connects via multiple com ports. I wanted to use NSPK to create 10 virtual com ports mapped to a remote IP address. During the testing NSPK I realized that I need another kind of solution. Thanks for opportunity to test the beta version of Serial Port Redirector. It is exactly what I need! I save so much time using this product! Thanks."


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