What is Scanner for Remote Desktop

The ultimate solution for scanning in Remote Desktop environment.


Scanner for Remote Desktop is software that provides a convenient way to scan within your remote desktop session. The application allows redirecting scanners over Microsoft RDP, Teradici PCoIP and Citrix ICA protocols to your individual remote session without any headache. The software is easy to install and simple to handle.

How it works

The application is comprised of the Workstation and Server parts. The Workstation part should be installed on your local computer and the Server part goes to the remote side where you login over RDP, PCoIP or ICA protocols.

Scanner for Remote Desktop

As soon as both pars are installed, Scanner for Remote Desktop creates a virtual remote scanner on the server side and the system accepts it as a hardware equipment plugged into the remote computer. Now every time you login to your session you will have no problem accessing your locally plugged scanner by any remote document scanning software.

Complete TWAIN and WIA redirection. All applications will work. All scanners will redirect.


Don't worry, your image scanning application will see your scanner! Scanner for Remote Desktop works perfectly with all brands of scanners and supports full-fledged TWAIN and WIA redirection. So it is the best solution even for applications that supports only WIA. And there is no need to buy any particular type or to adapt available device. The program supports all TWAIN and WIA compatible scanners, regardless of what interface they use USB, LPT, COM, etc.

Single-user and multi-user environments

Single and multiuser

Scanner for Remote Desktop works perfectly in Terminal Servers or in any single-user system. It provides you with extensively flexible solution for easy and comfortable work in almost any environment, even virtual.

Secure and separate access


Scanner for Remote Desktop takes care of your confidential information safety. If you work in a multi-user environment and there is more then one user is logged in, your local scanner will be isolated from other users within its individual remote session. No one but you can scan from it or even see it in the system.

Driver-free scanning solution


Scanner for Remote Desktop is easy to use. Doesn't require any scanner specific drivers. There is no need to install them on the remote side every time you plug in a new scanner which requires administrative rights and can make it a headache for your system administrator.

Support for RDP, PCoIP and ICA protocols

Be flexible! This is an ideal solution for redirecting WIA and TWAIN scanners though Citrix ICA, Teradici PCoIP and Microsoft RDP protocols. Benefit from performing remote scan in both of these environments.

Mixed 64-bit and 32-bit environment

32 and 64-bit

Scanner for Remote Desktop is 64-bit and 32-bit compatible. This handy feature provides you with easy and flexible way of migration between 64-bit and 32-bit operating systems. You can work as in homogeneous as in heterogeneous environment.

Scanner auto-selecting mode

You don't have to choose a scanner for redirecting to your remote desktop session manually. The last scanner plugged into your local computer will get redirected to the remote session once you are logged in. This is particularly convenient for those who login to their remote sessions from different locations – the software simply connects the proper scanner to your remote desktop automatically.

Ready to work out of the box!

Out of the box

Scanner for Remote Desktop doesn't require any configuring. It is extremely intuitive software which is easy to work with. Just install the program and enjoy your work with Scanner for Remote Desktop.

Seamless Windows mode support

Scanner for Remote Desktop works perfectly in seamless Windows mode. It is easy and convenient feature which ensures connection of your local scanner directly to the scanning application in your remote session. Note for Windows Server 2008 users.

OEM License Benefits

OEM License

Scanner for Remote Desktop functionality can be easily integrated into your application. So you can scan into Remote Desktop session from your application directly. Read more…

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