Whenever you want to work with a serial device which is far away from you,
Network Serial Port Kit will easily help you.


Network Serial Port Kit is software for sharing serial ports over a local network or the Internet. When you share a physical serial port, it becomes accessible for other computers over network. Thus you can easily connect to remote serial device from anywhere.

How it works

When the program shares a COM port on the remote computer, the shared port becomes accessible over a network for other computers with Network Serial Port Kit installed. On the local computer a virtual serial port is created. The virtual port is bound to the specified physical port over a local network or the Internet.

As soon as communications software on the local machine opens the virtual port, the connection between physical and virtual serial ports is established. All the data and signals written to the virtual port are transferred to the remote physical COM port and vice versa. Local applications accept data transferring as if the remote device were plugged into COM port on the local computer.

There won't be any problem working remotely with serial devices that are not physically accessible: GPS- receivers, barcode scanners, modems, sensors, PBX, laboratory equipment and more. You won't see a difference because remote serial devices will function as local ones.

Network Serial Port Kit

Virtual Null-Modem Cable
over Network

Network Serial Port Kit is also designed to create virtual null-modem cables over a network. This is how two communications applications are connected over LAN or the Internet. The connection between two remote virtual serial ports is established by emulating virtual null-modem cable. Thus data written to a local virtual serial port are easily transfered to a remote virtual port and vice versa.

Usage Example

Usage Example

Computer A is located in London. The modem ZyXel Omni 56K is physically plugged into COM1 on the computer. Computer B is located in New York. You want to use the modem ZyXel Omni 56K on the computer B in New York.

Network Serial Port Kit shares COM1 on the computer A and makes the serial port accessible for the computer B overseas. The program creates virtual COM4 on the computer B in New York and connects virtual COM4 with shared COM1 in London. Now COM1 and COM4 are connected over the Internet. COM4 is the exact copy of COM1 which makes it possible to use the hardware modem on the computer B in New York.

True emulation of the remote serial port

Virtual COM port

Remote serial ports are fully emulated with Network Serial Port Kit. Virtual COM ports are accepted by communications software on the local computer as hardware ports.

Network latency compensation algorithm


Certain applications require minimal response time for correct functioning. The option allows you to increase the latency period for input/output operations and work over any slow local network or the Internet.

Works as system service


Network Serial Port Kit makes virtual serial ports accessible at every system start up prior to user's logon. You don't have to adjust anything, everything is ready for work whenever you need it.



Network Serial Port Kit detects the breakdown of a local network or the Internet connection between local and remote sides. The connection is automatically established as soon as it is possible.

OEM License Benefits

OEM License

Network Serial Port Kit is available as OEM. The program can be integrated into your software. Developer API allows configuring and controlling Network Serial Port Kit in your software.


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