What is Printer for Remote Desktop

Print from a remote desktop session to your local printer
over Microsoft RDP or Citrix ICA.


Printer for Remote Desktop is a reliable and easy-to-use solution for remote printing. It allows you to use your local printer in a remote desktop environment through Microsoft RDP or Citrix ICA.

Before this solution was created, if you wanted to print in a remote session, you had only a few workarounds to choose from: you could use Windows printer redirection over RDP, transfer files for printing to the local machine with the printer, or you could plug your printer directly to the remote computer.

Unfortunately these methods are not always convenient or acceptable for those who work in remote desktops on a daily basis. For instance, Terminal Server can be physically inaccessible, it can require printer drivers, or you may have to select your printer from a long list of printers redirected to the remote session which often happens in a multi-user environment.

Printing solution from FabulaTech

Printer for Remote Desktop is an outstanding solution for remote printing. The program consists of two components: one is installed on the local workstation, and the other goes to the remote server.

Printer for Remote Desktop

Printer for Remote Desktop creates a virtual printer on the remote desktop which is recognized by printing applications as a hardware one. So as soon as you have both components installed, you can start printing to your local printer from the RDP session. There is also no need to worry about the drivers on the server as our software already has everything it needs to work flawlessly.

Secure and separate access


Printer for Remote Desktop takes care of your confidential information. If there is more then one user is logged in to the remote side, you can be sure that each printer is isolated within its individual session. No one but you can print to your local printer or even see it in the system. Besides you don't need to scan through the list of printers to find the one plugged into your particular machine.

Driver-free printing solution


Printer for Remote Desktop is extremely easy to use. Doesn't require any additional drivers on the remote side. There is no need to install them on the remote side every time you plug in a new printer, which requires administrative rights and makes it a headache for your system administrator.

Support for RDP and ICA protocols

Be flexible! This is an ideal solution for printing though RDP and ICA protocols. Benefit from working in both of these environments.

Single-user and multi-user environments


Printer for Remote Desktop works perfectly in Terminal Servers or in any single-user system. It provides you with extensively flexible solution for easy and comfortable work in almost any environment, even virtual.

All brands of printer compatible

Don't worry, your printer will do! Printer for Remote Desktop works with all brands of printers so there is no need to buy any particular type or to adapt available printers.

Printer for Remote Desktop maintains all standard features of an ordinary printer thus it supports all color modes and resolutions as well as all standard paper sizes both portrait and landscape orientation.

Advanced data compression


The program reduces printing data volume and as a result speeds data transfers. The image quality of all the printouts is absolutely maintained.

Mixed 64-bit and 32-bit environment

Printer for Remote Desktop is 64-bit and 32-bit compatible. This handy feature provides you with easy and flexible way of migration between 64-bit and 32-bit operating systems. You can work as in homogeneous as in heterogeneous environment.

OEM License Benefits

OEM License

Printer for Remote Desktop functionality can be easily integrated into your application. So you can redirect printers into Remote Desktop session from your application directly. Read moreā€¦

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