Pre-Sale Questions

1. Where can I learn more about licensing FabulaTech technology, such as the Site License and OEM License?

For inclusion of one of our products as a component in one of yours, we offer an OEM licensing scheme. Please contact us for details.

2. Do you offer a student/educational discount?

Yes. Many schools and educational institutions have asked us to offer inexpensive multi-user and single user licenses of our software products. Read more…

3. Do you offer a government discount?

Yes. FabulaTech offers advantageous pricing conditions for Government agencies of all levels, Law Enforcement agencies and Non-profit organizations. Read more…

4. My company has a purchase order/invoice sequence. What can I do?

You can generally order using a purchase order. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept purchase orders from private customers. Read more…

5. Can my company purchase your software using a bank/wire transfer?

Yes, your company can purchase using a bank/wire transfer. Please choose Bank/Wire Transfer as payment option while purchasing online. Transfer the funds to one of share-it! accounts in Germany, France, UK, Finland, or Japan depending on which account is most convenient for you. Read more

6. Can we send a check in any currency?

Please choose Check as payment option while purchasing online. Please send your check to share-it! customer service in Germany or in the US. It is important that you make it payable to the correct recipient to avoid delays. Read more

7. I don't have a credit card. How can I purchase FabulaTech software?

You can purchase our products through other methods. Please read about the available purchase methods.

8. My evaluation period has expired. Can I get an extension?

Sure! Contact us with a short summary of you and your needs (your company, your role, a project description, and how you're using our software), and we will send you a 15-day evaluation extension.

9. What does "Devices (users, ports) per license" mean?

The price of one license for certain products depends not only on the number of copies of the program to be used, but also on additional parameters. They are:
  • USB over Network - number of USB devices shared simultaneously
  • USB for Remote Desktop - number of USB devices redirected to a remote computer simultaneously
  • Serial Port Redirector - number of created virtual serial ports
  • Sound over RDP - number of users connected to the terminal server and using remote sound
Detailed licensing conditions are given on each product's purchase webpage.

Post-Sale Questions

1. Why doesn't my license key work?

Please be sure you using product corresponding to your current license key, and pasting license key exactly as it appears in your email (including --BEGIN-- and --END-- lines). Watch online demo.

2. I lost my license key. Where can I get it?

Email us your user id and license info. We will then email your license key to you as soon as possible.

3. What is your return policy?

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, so all FabulaTech products are distributed as shareware. That means user has possibility to thoroughly evaluate its usefulness and functionality before making a purchase. This "try before you buy" approach is the ultimate guarantee that the software will perform to his satisfaction. Therefore there is no refund policy for any purchase of our products.

4. What is "Subscription", and how do I update to the new versions?

As a licensed user you obtain a right to get free software updates during 12 (twelve) months since the date of your purchase. This includes both minor and major software updates in appropriate time period.

After the end of this period you're welcome to Update Subscription Renewal, that allows to get the new versions and free software updates for next twelve months.

Please note: You can use the version you got after purchase for any time you want, without any time limitations.

In short, the word "Subscription" is equal the phrase "One year of free updates, but you can use the product without any time limits".

Delivery Questions

1. How will I receive the products I've ordered?

Customers will generally receive an email with their license key within several hours of placing an order.
If you have not received a serial number within 48 hours of placing your order, please contact us with your name, email, and order number (from your order receipt) and we'll be able to help you out.

2. I want a CD with my order, can I get one?

You can order FabulaTech Backup CD with all software products. This disc will let you evaluate all the needed FabulaTech software.

Customer Care Center

Customer Care Center

If you have questions about ordering, payments, or shipping procedures, or if you have ordered FabulaTech software online and would like to review your order information, please visit Customer Care Center (provided by share-it!).

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