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I have Microsoft Hyper Visor installed on a server in our data center.  This allows me to create multiple virtual machines on my server.  

On one of my virtual machines, I have a piece of software that requires a serial port to access a control board to make firmware modifications outside of my network environment.

However, Hyper Visor does not re-direct my COM ports from the physical server to the virtual environment.  I needed something else that would get the job done for me.  I looked into several options online without much success.  I did find a couple of options that would allow me to get the job done, but the setup was very tedious, and did not support older versions of Windows, or 32-bit versions of Windows.

Remote Device Accessing

Finally, while reading a forum, I stumbled upon Network Serial Port Kit by FabulaTech. This software has proven to be the best solution on the market!  It is very user-friendly, installed on both the server and the virtual machine in a matter of minutes, and after a few more minutes of basic setup, I was up and running with my serial port re-directing over my network to the virtual machine!

Due to the ease of use, user-friendly interface, and overall quality of the software, I have ultimately decided to use Network Serial Port Kit as my COM Port redirection utility on all of my related projects going forward.

Chris Leonard

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