Accessing Remote Serial Devices

Serial Port Redirector can be used to access remote serial devices connected to serial device servers.

Modem US Robotics is physically attached to the COM port on the remote Serial Device Server. You need to get access to the modem from your local computer over local network or the Internet. To get access to the remote modem, Serial Port Redirector creates virtual COM port on the local computer (e.g. COM3).

When virtual serial port is created it is required to specify the IP-adderss of the Serial Device Server and TCP-port of a particular COM port. An individual TCP-port is assigned to a separate physical COM port on a Serial Device Server. In the example the US Robotics modem is plugged into the COM port with TCP-port 5001 on the Serial Device Server.

Example 1

Now, modem software on the local computer opens virtual COM port (COM3) and the connection with the modem plugged into the remote COM-port is established. Thus data exchange can be performed. The modem software interacts with the modem as if it were plugged into a local COM port, but in fact the modem is attached to the remote Serial Device Server.

Usually, RF2217 protocol (Telnet Com Port Control Option) is used to access serial devices attached to serial device server.

Connecting Serial Communications Application with TCP/IP Application

Serial Port Redirector can be used to connect usual serial communications software with TCP/IP software.

In this example, the TCP/IP application is installed on the remote computer and listens on the specified TCP-port.

The serial communications application is installed on the local computer and uses virtual serial port COM3 created by Serial Port Redirector. This virtual serial port is configured to use the remote IP address and TCP-port which the TCP/IP application listens on.

Example 2

When the serial communications application opens COM3, Serial Port Redirector initiates connection to specified TCP-port of the remote computer. Remote TCP/IP application accespts incoming connection and now serial communications application exchanges data with the TCP/IP application over a local network or the Internet.

Usually, Raw data protocol is used to connect serial communications application with TCP/IP application.