Virtual Modem Overview

Common Solution

Usually hardware modems are used to connect communications applications over standard phone lines.

Drawbacks of Common Solution

Common solution has some drawbacks:

  • Phone line and modem hardware are required.
    You need a phone line and a modem beside each computer from which you want to establish modem connection.
  • Phone call charges.
    You have to pay for each phone call. It's even worse if you make international phone calls.
  • Busy phone line.
    You cannot use your phone line for other purposes while using modem connection.
  • Unreliability of phone connection.
    Besides phone connections are not reliable, they are low-speed.

New Solution by FabulaTech

Virtual Modem allows you to create and use virtual modems instead of hardware modems. At that network connection (LAN or the Internet) is used for data exchange instead of phone lines.

1) Application A on local computer "makes a call" using virtual modem #1.

2) Virtual modem #1 on local computer connects to virtual modem #2 on remote computer over the network.

3) Virtual modem #2 accepts network connection and initiate "incoming call" for application B.

4) Application B reacts on "incoming call" from virtual modem #2 as if it was real incoming call initiated by hardware modem.

And now, applications exchange data as if they were connected via physical phone lines.

Virtual modems look like hardware modems for all communications applications.

FabulaTech Solution Benefits

  • Automatically network-enables modem communications applications without software changes.
  • There are no charges for phone calls (you pay only for Internet access).
  • You need neither phone line nor modem.
  • Speed is far higher then hardware modems have.
  • Location-independent. Virtual modem can be used anywhere in the world where Internet access is available.
  • You can limit network access to your virtual modem using any firewall software.

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