Remote Desktop Products

USB for Remote Desktop winlinuxce

Access local USB devices in remote Windows session.

Sound over RDP winlinux

Use local headsets and microphones in remote Windows session.

Webcam for Remote Desktop winlinux

Use local webcams in remote Windows session.

Printer for Remote Desktop win

Use local printers in remote Windows session.

Scanner for Remote Desktop win

Use local scanners in remote Windows session.

USB Products

USB over Network winlinuxce

Share and access your USB devices over local network or Internet.

USB Monitor Pro win

USB protocol capturing, decoding, displaying, filtering, errors detecting and much more what cannot be done by others.

Virtual Serial Port Products

Virtual Serial Port Kit wince

Create virtual serial ports connected via a virtual null-modem cable.

Network Serial Port Kit win

Share and access any serial devices or create virtual null-modem cables over a TCP/IP network or the Internet.

Serial Port Redirector wince

Redirect serial data from Virtual Serial Port to TCP/IP network.

Serial Port Splitter win

Share dataflow of one serial port among several applications or join dataflow of several serial port devices to one application.

Serial Port Mapper win

Map serial ports to any other port names, swap existing serial ports.

Virtual Modem win

Use Internet instead of direct phone calls to connect regular communications software.

Serial Port Developer Components

Serial Port Control win

Easy to use control intended for simplification serial port communication tasks in your projects.

Virtual Serial Port Control wince

Create and control virtual serial ports to which any serial communications software can connect.