Virtual Serial Port Kit Overview

Common Solution

There are two applications which are exchanging data via serial ports. These programs should be connected and a null-modem cable is used for it.

There are several problems you can come across:

  • There are no two serial ports on your PC.
  • All serial ports are already occupied.
  • It is necessary to connect several pairs of programs simultaneously and one null-modem cable is not enough.

FabulaTech Solution

Using Virtual Serial Port Kit you can emulate unlimited number of serial ports and connect each pair of them via a virtual null-modem cable.

So, your applications can exchange data just like they do via hardware serial ports and real null-modem cables.

For example, using VSPK, you can create pair of virtual serial ports (e.g. COM7 and COM8) and connect two applications to them. All data that the first application writes to COM7 is read from COM8 by the second application, and vice versa.


It is easy to test. You can run two copies of terminal program (e.g. standard Windows HyperTerminal) and connect them to COM7 and COM8.

So, all you type in the first HyperTerminal will appear in the second and vice versa. You can also transfer files between HyperTerminals and do whatever you want.

FabulaTech Solution Benefits

  • The applications recognize virtual serial ports created by VSPK as the usual hardware serial ports.
  • There is no need to waste money on different null-modem cables, because VSPK emulates all types of null-modem schemes.
  • Your hardware serial ports are not occupied. So they can be used for any other purposes.
  • These are no cables hanging on the backside of your PC because all data transmission is being done inside.


"...tried three shareware programs. One worked fine with Hyperterminal, but not with the two our programs. The other was too complex, too expensive, and offered features we didn't need. But Virtual Serial Port Kit satisfied our needs completely."

S.A., Canada

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