Virtual Serial Port Control Overview


It is believed that communications applications are intended to work only with hardware serial devices connected to physical serial ports.

If there is a task to provide interaction between communications application and your own program (e.g. hardware device emulator), there is no common solution to accomplish it.

FabulaTech Solution

VSPC allows you to create additional virtual serial ports directly from your own program. And any communications application can work with them as if they were physical ports.

On the other hand, developers API provided by VSPC allows your program to access the data written to virtual serial port by communications application and it also allows responding with your own data. The data will be read by the communications application from the virtual serial port as if it were read from a physical port.

Events Support

The event driven architecture is a soft snap. You don't have to check ports periodically in order to find whether their state is changed or new data is available for reading from the virtual port. Just define the needed function in your program that will be triggered automatically by the appropriate event and that will process the data.

At the same time the Virtual Serial Port Control immediately notifies your application about any actions done to the serial port by the communications application (port opening/closing, setting DTR/RTS handshake, baudrate setting, XON/XOFF symbols setting, etc).

Serial Port Full Control

VSPC provides a developer with full control over virtual serial port. VSPC + virtual serial port can as much as a serial device + a physical serial port. Moreover, VSPC drives virtual serial port the same way as a serial device drives a physical serial port.

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