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When you want to use a USB device you simply plug it into your computer. But what if you have no physical access to the USB device you need? In this case USB over Network becomes the most convenient solution.

How it works

The program is absolutely easy to install and use. It consists of two parts: Server and Client. As soon as you install USB over Network Server you will be able to share local USB devices with other computers over a network. The computers with USB over Network Client will have access to such shared devices.

Real USB virtualization technology

USB over Network is an all-software solution for sharing USB devices over local network or the Internet. It is a 100% virtualization technology that makes virtual USB devices on the client side the exact same copy of hardware USB devices on the server side.

Support of a wide range of USB devices

Don't worry, your USB device will do! USB devices are not limited to certain types.

USB device auto-sharing

Auto-sharing feature allows sharing all USB devices automatically at the moment you plug it in.

The blacklist

The auto-sharing is very convenient in most cases but there are such situations when you don't want some particular USB device to be shared automatically. You can simply blacklist it and the device won't be shared.

USB port sharing

USB over Network now has the feature of USB port sharing. It means you can set the software to share a particular USB port and any USB device plugged into it will get shared automatically. This won't affect other USB devices plugged into other USB ports.

USB device auto-connection

When auto-connection is activated, it allows connecting to the client machine automatically all the USB devices which have been shared on the server computer.

Postponed USB device sharing on Linux server.

USB over Network Linux offers you a unique and convenient feature that allows you to share plugged in USB device and still have it accessible on your local computer. As soon as any remote Client PC connects to such a device, it becomes unaccessible for usage on the local machine.

SSL Security.

SSL Security layer protects your private information and keeps your data highway safe. The information transmission over a data channel protected with SSL protocol will be secure during the process.

Mixed 64-bit and 32-bit environment.

USB over Network is 64-bit and 32-bit compatible. It provides you with easy and flexible way of migration between 64-bit and 32-bit operating systems. You can work as in homogeneous as in heterogeneous environment.

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