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This is a sound virtualization tool enabling two-way sound stream from your local computer to the remote Windows session over RDP.

Normally two-way sound connection for such applications as Skype, NetMeeting, AIM, ICQ, or various dictation programs within remote desktop environments is impossible. In some applications you can hear the sound but you cannot send anything in return. There is no native RDP input/output sound support in applications using DirectSound and you have no possibility to use a microphone within your remote desktop session.

With Sound over RDP you can transfer input/output audio streams of high sampling rate and bitrate with low latency to your remote RDP session and back. No choppy sound or cut-offs!

How it works

Sound over RDP enables quick and reliable two-way sound stream within a remote desktop environment.

The software is absolutely easy to use. All you need to do is simply install the Workstation part on your local computer and the Server part on the remote side. That's it! As soon as you are logged in to your remote desktop you can use local microphone, headphones, speakers and other audio equipment.

The output audio stream will be played back from your remote session through your local headphones or speakers. The audio software in your remote session will function with your microphone audio stream as if it were plugged directly into the remote side.

Audio stream isolation

If there is more than one user logged in to the remote side, you can be sure that each sound device is isolated within its individual session so you don't need to worry that somebody else will hear your incoming or outcoming audio stream. You don't need to scan through the list of input/output devices of other users to find your microphone or headphones. Such isolation allows you to work with your audio stream exclusively.

Real two-way sound over RDP

Sound over RDP provides you with two-way sound stream over RDP. Now you can use microphones, headphones or speakers in your remote desktop session.

Full DirectSound compatibility

With Sound over RDP no such limits are set. Work with any sound and dictation software. Use Skype, NetMeeting, AIM or ICQ without any headache in your remote desktop session hassle-free.

Supports any sound input or output devices

You don't have to buy some special type of sound input/output device or adapt an available one. Any USB-headset or a microphone will do. Just plug it into your computer and work!

High-quality sound transfer

Do you still have problems with sound redirection to your remote session and sound quality? Now this problem is solved. Thanks to progressive technology of audio decoding the sound quality is maintained.

Provides audio streams with low-latency

Sound over RDP provides you with low-latency audio streams so that you can work in real time. High-quality sound connection with no cut-offs or jerky sound is ensured.

Works with any virtual machines

It doesn't matter what kind of virtual machine you choose, Sound over RDP works perfectly with all of them.

What about Linux?

If you are looking for the same easy solution for Linux you have already found it. FabulaTech offers you Sound over RDP Linux version. It works perfectly in the most popular distributions of Linux operating system.

Sound over RDP Linux includes a modified and extended version of the standard open-source “rdesktop” application. When you start the program it initiates RDP connection to the remote side. It supports “rdesktop” native command line options and also includes additional options for sound redirection configuration.

Adjustable audio settings

If you want to personalize your input sound device you are more then welcome. Change the number of channels, bitrate or sampling rate and work with pleasure.

Supports OSS, ALSA and PulseAudio

Sound over RDP works perfectly in most popular Linux distributions. You don't need to worry about what system is installed on your computer, just enjoy your work with Sound over RDP.

Does not require an RDP client

When you start Sound over RDP it initiates RDP connection. It means that you don't have to perform such connection before you start the program. It happens automatically.

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