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OEM License allows integrating the functionality of FabulaTech's products into an OEM manufacturer's software or hardware. OEM terms stipulate the right to redistribute Network Serial Port Kit as an integral part of the manufacturer's solution without the need for individual license keys.

OEM version of Network Serial Port Kit can be easily integrated into particular software or hardware solution. The developer API provides all tools necessary to configure and fully control the software.

FabulaTech OEM License options


Integration with the help of Software Development Kit

Integration of the OEM version into a customer's software is performed with the help of Network Serial Port Kit Software Development Kit (SDK).


OEM version with embedded license key

Network Serial Port Kit is provided “as is” and can be bundled with another application. The OEM license key is embedded into the program installer thereby the end user only has to install the program without pasting a license key.

Rebranded Box

Rebranded/custom version

The end custom product can be developed and designed by FabulaTech depending on a customer's requirements. The functionality of Network Serial Port Kit can be modified fully or partially according to a customer's demands and needs. If desired, some particular features of Network Serial Port Kit can be blocked, removed or added. A new configuration GUI program can as well be created.


Professional assistance is available to all the OEM customers via a dedicated support channel. Online support team offers both IT support and complimentary IT services. If you have any questions or concerns, please call at +44 (0)151 324-3249 or email at

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