I’d like to thank you for taking an interest in the remotely operated vehicle project sponsored by the United States Merchant Marine Academy as part of their Kings Point Scholar Program. The developmental goals of this robot are aimed at exploring the implementation of robotics in subsea exploration.

As part of this project, our team will be using software developed by FabulaTech for the transmission of control signal from the surface laptop. Using the server-client USB over Network program developed by FabulaTech, the surface control laptop acts as the server, while the client is the onboard RaspberryPi. A simple LAN router facilitates the connection. Essentially, a usb port or device is shared over the LAN, acting as if the device was connected directly to the remote computer; in this case, the remote computer is on the robot connected by cat5 ethernet cabling.

Using the code provided by FabulaTech, I can initialize the connection, and running a simple python script demonstrates the successful transmission of control data over the LAN.

Finally, the future development of this robot using the USB over Network software will be to power brushless DC motors, servos, and sensors, using the connected flight stick controller.

I would like to thank FabulaTech for their excellent customer support in getting the client service running on the raspberry pi, and for their support of this project.


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