There is a national TV broadcaster called TRT OKUL (translated:TRT School) in our country. They have some special programs for the kids called -translated names- How Things Work, Inventor in the School

My son sometimes needs to watch those shows and prepare some home works around it and discuss about the show in class by preparing small presentations.


I don’t have satellite cable in his room and I don’t want some cables move around room to room in my house. But he needs to watch the programs or even recording them.

How did I found you?

I came up with a idea that “what if I can convert USB to Ethernet?” I made a quick google search and find your app.


I have another PC which has USB TV Adaptor connected to it and that computer is in a close proximity of my satellite antenna cables.

I have installed your server software on a computer that has USB TV adaptor and shared that USB device to a another PC in my sons room. After that I Installed required satellite receiver software (which is called DVBViewer 6.02 by the way) on his computer. Now he can watch that TV channel in his room by himself.

Sharing DVB-Tuner

Why you:

I couldn’t find a better software that suites my needs than yours. It is fast, easy and pretty reliable.

My best


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