I developed a software in Visual Basic 6 to operate parking lots. The software emits entrance tickets, cashing, barrier operation and controls credited customers.

I found out VB6 had a limitation to operate serial ports, for it can't operate 16 ports at a time. In certain times it loses complete control of some of the ports and you can't determine its actual state, nor even send or receive data.

Software Development

I've modified my software to be able to manage the serial port operation with Port Series Control. This solves VB6 limitation on MSCOMM32.OCX and allows me to operate up to 255 ports. It also solves the lost of control of the ports.

Parking System

The modifications to replace the use of MSCOMM32.OCX for Serial Port Control of FabulaTech are minimum; this includes a few lines in the code without getting into API programation.

Maximiliano Colace

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