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   Author  Topic: unknown data passed to virtual port  (Read 2207 times)
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unknown data passed to virtual port
« on: Mar 9th, 2010, 2:13am »
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The end of last year, we've purchased two softwares, including "serial port splitter" and "network serial port kit". After 3 months testing, we have two issues as below.
1. one barcode scanner connect to physical com port 1 of PC1. "serial port splitter" split it into two virtual ports, namely "com 11" and "com12".
2. PC1 receives barcode data from local virtual com 11.
3. PC1 shares virtual com 12 via "network serial port"
3. PC2 adds remote virtual com 12 via "network serial port" to receive barcode scanner data from virtual com12 of PC 1.
Problem 1:
1. Around 1%~2% probability that PC 2 will receive correct data plus some unknown data, such as -21-21 , -48-48-48-48 , but PC 1 always can get correct data without other unnecessary data. For example, if the barcode is 400248, PC will get correct nubmer:400248, but PC2 sometimes will get "-21-21 40028", or "-48-48-48-48 400248".  We have no idea where -21-21, -48-48 and other unknown data come from.
For some unknown reason, PC2 cannot connect to PC1 virtual com12, and then PC2 Network serial port show "Red led". At the same time, PC1 Network serial port shows red led with "waiting for connection. Although we try many ways to recover the connection from PC2, but it doesn't work. However, if we reboot PC 2, it will reconnect automatically.(we've set reconnect per 1 sec). We wonder if there is another way to recover the connection, rather than rebooting.
Please kindly help to investigate these 2 problems as soon as possible, because our product will go live very soon.
Thanks a lot.
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Re: unknown data passed to virtual port
« Reply #1 on: Mar 10th, 2010, 2:12am »
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We are trying to reproduce the Problem#1
Meanwhile I'd like to ask you to send me C:\WINDOWS\system32\nspk-err.log
and system info from both machines.
SysInfo: Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> System Information -> File -> Save
Please send it to
And could you please test if you receive the unnecessary data if not using PC2 and NSPK but receiving the data from com12 on PC1 (in other words remove NSPK and PC2 from your setup for this test).
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