Marilou Robotics Studio is a modelling and simulation environment for mobile robots, humanoids, articulated arms and parallels robots operating in real-world conditions that respect the laws of physics. Marilou let the robotics engineer program its robot using the same language and the same tools/utilities than the real robot.

That's why we wanted to introduce a virtual serial communication ports system in our software. The virtual port is able to let the robotics application connect, send and receive data from a simulated robot as it could be done with a real. Marilou provides all needed, in its core to emulate received data management and do the associated serial responses. This powerful system let the engineer work with a simulated robot or the real without changing its software.

Robotics Application Connection

We chosen Fabulatech Virtual Serial Ports and introduced it as a core technology in our software because the following 3 reasons:

1) After trying at least 10 Virtual Serial Ports emulation, Fabulatech system was the only one who provides a flexible technology that is easy to take in hand, really powerful and immediately ready to work. Our engineers were about to make the very firsts tests including the Fabulatech technology in the Marilou Core after five minutes only!

2) Fabulatech driver let us create dynamically several Vitual Ports : Our system needs this dynamic creation because each simulated robot must be controlled with its own serial port. The multithreaded architecture let us manage ports on multiprocessor computers without slowdown physics engine.

3) The last reason we choose Fabulatech is that the support is very reactive and answered all our technical interrogations.

Laurent Ricatti
Marilou Robotics Studio

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