Being an IT professional and application developer I use Virtual Machines all the time on a daily basis. I also use Remote Desktop to work and various PC's and Servers on my network and across the Internet. I found tools that became a must have part of my toolkit: USB over Network and USB for Remote Desktop by FabulaTech. I use these programs daily to connect all kinds of USB devices to remote PC's and Servers. Just to name a few: USB memory, Card Swipes and Magstripe/Barcode Code readers, PDA's connecting to ActiveSync, Printers and many more.

I used virtualization software before, Microsoft Virtual Server mainly to run Test PC's for application testing and development. Microsoft's virtual server doesn't offer USB support for virtualized systems but with USB over Network and USB for Remote Desktop I now have full support for USB devices.

USB Functionality for RDP and Virtual Machine

Along with the fact that these products work and provide me with really powerful USB support, the ease of installation and setup is awesome : I was up and running my USB devices over the network in minutes.

I give a 5-star rating and highly recommend these programs as I have tried others that were just too hard to use causing drivers' errors and lock ups. None of these troubles aroused using these products. It's a great tool both for IT professionals and home or business users. So if you need remote USB support - it's the right solution.

William OttO Rawson
IT administrator and Lead Developer
Rawson's Tech

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