Image and Scanner Interface Specification (ISIS) is an industry standard interface for image scanning technologies, developed by Pixel Translations in 1990 (which became EMC Corporation's Captiva Software and later acquired by OpenText). It is currently supported by a number of applications and scanner vendors. Moreover, some software, like healthcare or banking systems may ultimately require ISIS compliant scanner for proper operation.

FabulaTech allows you to extend functionality of Scanner for Remote Desktop with optional ISIS add-on. It provides a way to redirect local TWAIN scanner (or SANE in case of Linux) so that it appears as ISIS scanner on remote side. To receive this add-on, please complete the form below on this page and we'll send it to you.

Add-on Installation

Scanner for Remote Desktop must be installed on both sides (Server and Workstation) prior to ISIS add-on installation.

To install ISIS addon, unzip received file, launch the installer according to your architecture and follow the installation wizard. As a result of installation, new datasource ftiscan.pxn will be created in the next folder:


After installation, configure third-party software to use the ftiscan.pxn datasource. Refer to vendor's documentation on how to do it.

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