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   Author  Topic: Another GPS Problem...  (Read 3376 times)
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Another GPS Problem...
« on: Dec 15th, 2007, 6:25pm »
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I have a similar problem as three83 had in a previous post. I have the splitter software installed and I am experiencing trouble with keeping the GPS connection "live". Here are my specifics:
Just purchased the program, so I am using the current version from the website. I have a GPS unit coming in to the laptop via a serial connection. I have two programs that use the GPS data coming in. I tried both sharing and splitting/virtual the com 2 port with the GPS data coming in. At first, it works perfect, but after a time (maybe 30 minutes), both software pieces stop receiving data. If I restart the computer, it works perfect again for a short time, then the data stops going through. Before the splitter program, we only had one piece of software using it and it worked for 8 hours straight, so I believe it is a problem with the splitter utility or its!
Please advise any suggestions. Thank you.
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Re: Another GPS Problem...
« Reply #1 on: Dec 17th, 2007, 5:06am »
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Let's see what happens there.
We need investigate serial traffic to know exactly why that happens.
Usually we use portmon program to monitor serial traffic.
Please download it from here:
Please use the following portmon setting:
Edit -> Max Output Bytes -> 1024
Options -> Show Time [x]
Options -> Show Hex [x]
Options -> Clock Time [ ]
1) Please split COM1 to COM3, COM4.
2) Launch portmon
3) Configure portmon to capture data from physical COM port: Capture -> Ports -> COM1, COM3, COM4
4) Launch communications programs (on COM3 and COM4) and work with your device until the issue appears. Then close communications programs.
5) Save captured data to file: File -> Save As -> serial.log
Please send us serial.log file.
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Andrew Scott

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