There are two options how to configure the virtual channel allow list for enabling FabulaTech in a Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops environment: Allowing all virtual channels or Allowing all Citrix channels and FabulaTech channel. Both settings need to be set on VDA level. The required configuration can be found in the Citrix farm policies. The setting’s name is "Virtual channel allow list"


In the default (Not Configured) configuration, it’s set to enabled, which means only Citrix’s virtual channels are allowed.

To allow all virtual channels you have to set the policy to Disabled.


To allow all Citrix channels and FabulaTech channel you have to set the policy to Enable and add the following string:
CITRDP3,C:\Program Files\Common Files\FabulaTech\Netlink 3\ftnlsv.exe


The VDA machines must be rebooted for the setting to take effect.

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