USB Device Properties

This dialog serves for informational purposes only. If you need to change some preferences of the device it can be done using advanced device sharing.

General Settings

Select a shared USB device and click Device Properties button.

USB Device Properties
The device name assigned by the system is indicated in this field.
USB over Network Server allows you to assign unique alias (Description) to any USB device. On the client side such aliases serve as additional identification for USB devices (e.g., White Flash Drive).
If tags were set during Advanced Sharing, they will be visible here.
Device Info
Set of attributes that describes the particular device specification.
VID, PID, Rev, Class, Subclass, Protocol
USB device attributes.
Number of the port where the USB device is plugged in. The first digit corresponds to the number of the USB device host controller. The second one indicates the port number of the root hub. All following digits represent the port numbers of the external USB hub.
Serial number of the USB device.
Sharing parameters
Usually when a USB device is being shared, this option gets the value Share. But if the device is shared automatically, (e.g. the device is plugged into a shared port or comes under the rule) and you don't want it to be shared, change this option to Prevent from sharing using advanced device sharing.
Allow connecting when the USB device is occupied by another user
Enabling this option allows users to take a shared USB device connected to another user. In this case the device will be forcibly disconnected from the old user and connected to a new one.
Allow local use until Client connects
This option allows to continue using the shared device before if will be connected to the USB over Network Client. This feature may cause accidental data loss, use it carefully.
Action persistence
The selected action (e.g., Prevent from sharing) is permanent. It is applied automatically at every system startup.
Until restart
The selected action is valid until the system reboot.
Until unplug
The selected action will be deleted as soon as the USB device is unplugged.


If this device is a composite device, the Interfaces tab will be displayed in the window. You can see what interfaces of the composite device are shared.

USB Device Properties

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