Start New Session Start New Session
Starts monitoring USB device.

Monitor Hot-Plugged USB Device Monitor Hot-Plugged USB Device
Starts monitoring a hot-plugged USB device. By default USB Monitor Pro is waiting for the single device. If down-arrow next to this button is clicked, an option "Wait for all devices" can be selected and all plugged USB devices will be monitored.

Open Session Open Session
Loads saved monitoring session.

Save Session Save Session
Saves monitoring session to a file. It can be opened for further examination. If down-arrow next to this button is clicked, then some more options are available: "Save as...", which saves monitoring session with another name and "Save Selected As...", which allows saving only selected part of the captured data.

Start Monitoring Start Monitoring
Starts/Continues monitoring USB device.

Pause Monitoring Pause Monitoring
Temporary stop monitoring USB device.

Restart Device Restart Device
Restarts USB devices (if possible).

Device Information Device Information
Shows complete USB device information (device descriptor, configurations, interfaces, endpoints).

Auto Scroll Auto Scroll
When enabled, the program will scroll the list of the packets automatically to the latest captured packet.

Clear Clear
Clears the list of the packets.

Custom Showing Filters Custom Showing Filters
Setups the showing filters for hiding/unhiding certain types of captured packets.

Find Find
Searches for bytes sequence given as hex or ASCII strings among URB packets which are carrying data.

Jump to Pair Jump to Pair
Switches between packets: that one which comes into the Host Controller Driver and corresponding packet which comes out from the Host Controller Driver.

Help Help