Creating Server Virtual Port

Serial Port Redirector allows creating server virtual serial port. This port listens on specified TCP-port and accepts incoming network connections on it.

1. Click Add Server Virtual Port to create virtual serial port.

Serial Port Redirector Toolbar

2. Select virtual serial port number from the drop-down list.

Note: Serial Port Redirector supports COM ports overlapping. It means that virtual serial port can have the same name as existing physical COM port.
If overlapped virtual COM port is created, it will be accessed instead of physical one.

Add Server Serial Port

3. Specify TCP-port for incoming connections. Serial Port Redirector will listen on this TCP-port.

Note: Click Advanced to configure advanced settings for virtual serial port. Refer to Configuring Server Virtual Port for details.

Then click OK button.

The program will create virtual serial port. Every time, when communications application opens this serial port, Serial Port Redirector listen on configured TCP-port for incoming connection. Once the incoming connection is established, all data from this connection is transferred to virtual serial port and vice versa.

Virtual Serial Port

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