Configuring Server Virtual Port

Select virtual serial port and click the button.

Bitrate Emulation

Enabling bitrate emulation, you limit data transmission speed to that one that was specified by communications application (using Baud Rate setting). If "bitrate emulation" is disabled, transmission speed depends on bandwidth of the network connection.

Serial Port Redirector - General Settings


Serial Port Redirector uses Telnet protocol (with the COM Port Control protocol specified by RFC 2217) and Raw data protocol (raw TCP connection) to transfer data.

Binary - allow to send any binary data.

ASCII - use NVT-compatible mode.

Note: You can Configure serial port control signals for Raw data protocol. Selected signals will be preset for selected serial port.

Serial Port Redirector - Protocol

Connection Settings

  • Accept incoming connection even if virtual serial port is not opened by application
    By default the program doesn't accept network connections if the virtual port isn't opened by any application. If the option is checked the program will accept incoming network connections even if the port isn't opened by any application.
  • Drop network connection if application closes virtual serial port
    If an application closes virtual serial port, Serial Port Redirector drops network connection with the remote side.
  • Cache data
    This option allows caching the data from the network in case if the port isn't opened by any application. Until the virtual serial port is opened by an application, all data coming from the network is being cached. As soon as the program opens this port, cached data will be transmitted to virtual port.
  • Use keep alive interval settings: If enabled, a keepalive message is sent to client port to prevent client-server link from being broken (necessary for some hardware serial-to-ethernet devices).
  • Keep alive interval: Interval (in seconds) between two keepalive retransmissions.
Serial Port Redirector - Connection Settings

Fixed Port Settings

There are some communications applications that open COM ports with "hard-coded" port settings (e.g. bits per second or flow control) and there is no standard way to change these settings. If a serial device uses other settings, this may lead to incorrect working of the whole system. In such case you can use fixed COM port settings to override settings used by communications application.

Serial Port Redirector - Fixed Port Settings

SSL Security

Use SSL for incoming connections enables/disables SSL for incoming connections for the serial port. It will use global SSL settings from Server Port SSL preferences.

Serial Port Redirector - SSL Settings