Printer Auto Mapping

When you are logging in to the remote session, FabulaTech Virtual Printer is created there. This is the virtual printing device that is mapped to the printer connected to your local computer. So, every time you print to the FabulaTech Virtual Printer within your remote desktop session, the actual print job will be redirected to the selected local printer.

  • FabulaTech Virtual Printer is mapped to the last used printer automatically every time you login to your remote desktop session.
  • Last used printer setting is stored for each remote desktop user individually.
  • Last used printer setting is changed immediately when another printer is selected by user, or on the remote desktop session start, if previous printer is not available at the moment.
FabulaTech Virtual Printer

Examples of Auto Mapping Behavior

  1. Right after installation, FabulaTech Virtual Printer will be mapped to the device, selected as default printer on your local computer. This printer will be stored as last used printer for future sessions.
  2. If another printer is selected by user, as described in this article, it will be stored as last used printer instead.
  3. If the last used printer is not available on the session start (turned off or unplugged), default local printer will be selected and stored as last used instead.
  4. If there are no printers on the local side at all, last used printer will not be changed. An error will be shown on printing attempt.