Phone Number Composition

Virtual Modem uses network connection for data transmission instead of making a dial-direct call. Moreover, instead of dialing specified phone number it connects to specified IP address (or computer name) and TCP-port.

Accordingly, IP address (or computer name) and TCP-port divided by ':' symbol must be specified as a phone number in communications application configuration.
Example 1:
Example 2:

Note: There is no need to reconfigure the application to use new phone numbers. Simply add old phone number in Phone Book and specify corresponding IP address and TCP port.

Using the Phone Book

Note: Some communications applications refuse to accept IP address (or computer name) and TCP-port as a phone number because they expect only digits in it. Phone Book is used to workaround this problem.

1. Click button. Phone Book window will appear.

2. Click to add new phone number.

Phone Book

3. Specify unique phone number together with according IP address (or computer name) and TCP-port of remote virtual modem.

And now, everytime when communications application dials phone number added to Phone Book, virtual modem will automatically try to connect to according virtual modem on the remote computer.