Command Line Utility

Run the command line utility:

$ /opt/ftusbnet/bin/ftusbnetctl <command> [options]

To see the list of all supported commands, run:

$ /opt/ftusbnet/bin/ftusbnetctl help

To see the list of the devices available:

$ /opt/ftusbnet/bin/ftusbnetctl list 
ID         VID: PID: REV           Location  Device name and status 
107        07d1:3c03:0001               1-2  802.11 bg WLAN /Shared/ 
202        046d:c045:2730               2-1  USB Optical Mouse /Unshared/

Here the columns are:

ID - unique device identifier
VID:PID:REV - device hardware identifier (vendor ID, product ID, revision)
Location - USB device topology (can be "unknown" if your system cannot report the device topology)
Device name and status - displays the name of the device and its current status (shared/unshared/connected)

You can share the device by its unique ID (an example below shows how to share USB Optical Mouse from the list above):

$ /opt/ftusbnet/bin/ftusbnetctl share 202

NOTE: Sharing by the device ID allows you to share separately one of the devices that have identical VID:PID:REV.

To unshare the device use unshare command with the same syntax as share:

$ /opt/ftusbnet/bin/ftusbnetctl unshare 202