Full list of features

Virtual serial ports look and work like real COM ports.
Unlimited number of virtual COM ports can be created.
Virtual serial ports can have the same names as existing hardware COM ports (e.g. COM1).
Powerful and intuitive interface to make serial port communications easy.
Delivers all the capabilities of the Win32 Serial Communications API.
Notifies your application when data arrives or events occur on the port.
Supports reading and writing of binary data.
Full buffered data transfer.
Comes with example applications (Visual Basic, Visual C++, VB#, C#).
Can be redistributed as part of your application.
Full hardware serial ports emulation.
Full Microsoft serial.sys compatibility.
Serial data bitrate (transmission speed) emulation.
Virtual serial ports configuration via Windows Device Manager.
PnP and WMI technologies compatibility.
Hyper-Threading Technology compatibility.
VMware compatibility.
User Interface and API
Hot Virtual COM port creation and removal, without your computer rebooting
Virtual serial ports are controlled directly from your own application