Full list of features

Allows working with remote serial devices over local network or the Internet
Allows creating virtual null-modem cable over local network or the Internet
Virtual serial ports look and work like real physical ports
Once created virtual serial ports are operable at each system startup
Unlimited number of serial devices can be shared simultaneously on a single computer
Unlimited number of serial devices can be accessed simultaneously from a single computer
Virtual communication is more fast and reliable than using real null-modem cable
Different virtual null-modem schemes are available
Fixed COM port settings for shared physical COM port
Broken network connection recovery (auto-reconnect)
Network latency compensation
64bit and 32bit compatible
Full hardware serial ports emulation
Full Microsoft serial.sys compatibility
Serial data transmission speed (bitrate) emulation
Virtual serial ports configuration via Windows Device Manager
Compatibility with PnP and WMI technologies
Compatibility with Hyper-Threading Technology
Compatibility with VMware
User Interface
User friendly program interface
Hot virtual serial port creation and removal, without computer reboot
Developer's API
Serial ports sharing and virtual serial ports creation from your application directly using ActiveX or dynamic link library (OEM license)